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Short version

You are able to change your password at any time within Radar Healthcare under the Account settings option, via the forgotten password option on the log-in page (see dedicated guide here), or through the administration settings (if you have access to this).

Changing your password in Radar Healthcare

Once you are logged in to Radar Healthcare, you can change your password at any time. 

  • In the status bar click on your username .

An image showing the Account settings option in Radar Healthcare.  This is situated at the top right of the screen and is accessed by selecting your name.

  • Click Account Settings.

  • Scroll down to the change password form.

An image showing the Change Password options under Account Settings.

  • Enter a New password into the relevant field.

  • Confirm your new password by entering it again into the Confirm new password field.

  • Select Change password.

  • Your password has now been changed.  Use this new password to access Radar Healthcare.


My account details appear incorrect.

  • If you believe these details to be inaccurate contact your organisation's Radar Healthcare administrator/team who can update the details for you.

I am unable to change my password in Account Settings.

  • Please note, that some organisations' systems place restrictions on users' ability to change their own passwords. If the options shown above do not appear for you when you access Account Settings, then your system has had this option removed and you will be unable to manually change your Radar Healthcare password.  Please