Any mobile device that has registered to use the mobile audit app has to be approved before they can log into the system on the app.  They will be asked on their mobile device to contact their system administrator to authorise the device.

Only users with the correct permissions will be able to access the device registration page to authorise mobile devices.

View mobile devices

To view devices that have been authorised and those waiting to be authorised, from your Administration dashboard, select Device Registration from under the General Admin header

Here you will see a list of all mobile devices along with the user that has approved their access (if already approved). If this Approved By column is blank, the device is still awaiting approval.

To Approve a device, select Actions to the right hand side of the device request and select Approve Device. The user will now be able to log in to the Radar Healthcare Audit App.

Device approval can be revoked at any time, for example if the user has left the organisation or is no longer responsible for completing audits. To do this, simply select Actions to the right hand side of the device you wish to block and select Block Device. The mobile device is now blocked from using the mobile app.

For more information on using the Radar Healthcare Mobile App, please visit hour support page here: Using the Radar Healthcare App