What are custom lists?

Custom Lists allow users to be able to manage what appears in certain drop down lists in event forms and workflow forms.

The empty list is created by Radar Healthcare Support, after which you can populate the list yourself. 

An example of using Custom Lists would be to record your Service Users in Radar Healthcare - they could then appear in a drop down in your events (please refer to the Form Editor Elements: Selects guide for information on how to pull this into your form)

Any changes applied to the custom lists only appear in new events and forms and will not pull through to previously reported events. 

To view Custom Lists, from the Admin dashboard, select the Custom lists option, under the Event and Risk header.

You will be presented with your system's current custom lists (these will be specific to your system). Below is an example:

If you are using Custom Lists, please be aware that a new Enhanced Custom Lists option is available with additional features. More information can be found in An Introduction to Enhanced Custom Lists.

Edit custom lists

To edit a custom list, click the Actions button next to the custom list you wish to edit and select View items.

The items displayed are all those items that will appear in the drop down list when this custom list is pulled through into an event form.

To add a new item in the list select Create new item.

Enter the new item as you would like it to appear in the drop down list in the event form. 

- 'Display text' is a unique reference/code you want to use for the list item

- 'Search text' is the name/description you want to appear when selecting the option in the drop down list

You can also choose to restrict this item to a location if required. For example, if some options in the list are only relevant to certain locations, you can choose for them only to appear for events reported at that location by restricting them here.

Select Save.

Edit an existing list entry

To edit an existing entry click the Action drop down against the entry and select Edit item.


Update the entry and select Save.

Archive an existing entry

To archive an entry in the list click the Action drop down against the entry and select Archive.