When you create a user on Radar Healthcare, you will assign them a Role. Your system Roles are used to:

  • control the level of data access via the role scope linked to your system hierarchy (e.g. Organisation, Region, Location)
  • assign permissions of what the user can do with the data they have access to
  • automatically assign workforce compliance requirements
  • automatically assign event workflow tasks

To view the roles in your system, select Roles from your Admin dashboard.

You will now be presented with a list of existing roles, the scope of the role (i.e. Organisation, Region or Location role), the date created and the number of users currently assigned to that role.

(You will not be able to see which users have been assigned a role from this screen.  You can do this from the Users tile on the Admin dashboard.)

Create a New Role

To create a new role, from the Roles page, click Create.

Enter the role Name and select the Scope of the role (Organisation, Region or Location).

Select Create to save the new role.

Before you assign this new role to a user, ensure that you have first assigned all the relevant permissions that they will need. To do this, please refer to our guide: Setting User Permissions

Edit a Role

Please be aware, if a role is linked to an event workflow step (e.g. if the Home Manager is usually assigned all incidents to investigate), editing the name of the role will break the link and the workflow will no longer assign to the role that was the Home Manager. This is because the name of the role is written into the workflow and must match exactly (including case sensitive); it will not automatically update if the role name was changed in Radar Healthcare. If a role name is linked to an event workflow step, please ensure you notify Radar Healthcare Support who will be able to update the workflow accordingly for you.

You can edit the name of a role, by clicking on Actions the the right hand side of the role, and then Edit.

Enter the new name for this role, and click Edit

You are unable to change the scope of a role once it has been created. 

Delete a Role

To delete a role, select Actions to the right hand side of the role you wish to delete and then Delete.

Select OK when prompted, and the role will be deleted. You will not be able to delete a role that has users assigned to it.