From your dashboard you will be able to see any of your staff with compliance requirements Pending or Overdue by clicking on the "Workforce Tasks" option on the right hand side of your dashboard - this will only show staff who have a compliance status of Pending or Overdue, it will not show any of your staff who are currently Compliant:

To view all your staff, select the "My Workforce" tab under the "Workforce" menu item on the side panel:

Here you will see a list of your staff. The users you see in this list will depend on your system permissions. For example, you may only see your own employees, or you may see all users in the system.

To see the individual compliance requirements for a staff member, select the user's name to go to the user's record.

If you do not have this option or cannot see all your employees, please ask your System Administrator to check the permissions you have been assigned and that you have been correctly tagged as the user’s manager and or training assessor.