You can only edit a completed audit if the audit step was assigned to you in the first place and if you have been given the relevant permissions by your organisation’s System Administrator.

Click into the Audit you wish to edit. You will see an Edit Audit button at the top of the audit page:

Once you click Edit Audit you will be able to go back into the different sections of the audit and change the answers to any questions.

You will then need to once again click Complete Audit at the bottom of the page:

You will also need to re-complete the Action Plan step – some of the changes you have made when editing may have triggered new action plan requirements, so this allows you to address those.

Finally, the audit will need to be Authorised once more in order for it to once again mark as complete.

If you are viewing a completed audit that has been assigned to you and you do not have the Edit Audit button, you have not been given the permission to edit completed audits and would need to speak to your organisation’s System Administrator.