If you have created an event or have previously been able to view an event and that event is now no longer showing in the recorded events, this may be due to one of the following reasons:

The event may have been completed

If you are viewing the Recorded Events screen, this will default to only show active events. Once an event has been marked as complete and has been closed, it will only appear in the list if the Show Completed filter is applied.


The event may have been abandoned

If there is no longer a requirement for an event to be logged, for example it was raised in error or it was a duplicated event, it can be abandoned.

Abandoned events will no longer appear in the recorded events list.

A record that the event has been abandoned along with the abandoned reason will be visible in the Report Builder.


You may not have the relevant permissions

All functionality in Radar Healthcare is managed by different system permissions.

  • You may not have permission to view any events once you have raised them – You may only have permission to report events and not to view them once you have completed the initial form.
  • It may have been raised for a location/region other than your own – If the event took place at a location other than your own, you may not have the correct permission to view events that have taken place outside of your own location. This may be the case even if you are the person who raised the event.
  • The event may be confidential – Confidential events require separate permissions to enable you to view them. This is because of the nature of the content of confidential events.

If you have any queries with regards to your system permissions, please contact your organisation’s System Administrator, who will be able to advise accordingly.