Once an audit has been downloaded to your device, it can be completed offline. This means that you don't need to worry about having internet access or phone signal in order to answer the questions and upload your evidence. Once you have finished answering the questions, remember that you will need to upload the audit back into Radar Healthcare

Once an audit has been downloaded to the Radar Healthcare App, it will be locked on the main Radar Healthcare site until the audit has been uploaded again from the Radar Healthcare App. 

The answers selected within the Radar Healthcare App will not show in the main Radar Healthcare site until this upload has taken place.

Select the audit that you wish to complete from the My Audits page in the Radar Healthcare App. 

You will then be taken to the Audit summary page where you can see the:

  • Title of the Audit - in our example this is "Health and Safety"
  • Location of the Audit - in our example this is "Service 1"
  • Deadline for the Audit - in our example this is "Tuesday September 11th 2018"
  • Status - in our example this is "Not Started"
  • Percentage Score - in our example this is "n/a" because we've not yet started the audit

You can also see the options to Start the audit and to Upload the audit to the main Radar Healthcare system.

To start the audit, click StartYou will now see the different Sections that make up the audit, select a section to view the questions.

When viewing the questions you will be able to enter the Yes/No/NA selection, add a comment and upload an image as evidence if required. 

For all audits, the Yes/No selection is always mandatory, however you will also be able to see if either the comments or the document uploads are mandatory via the symbols on the right hand side of the question.

The below example indicates that the comments are mandatory...

Whereas here we can see that the document upload is mandatory. Please note, from the app, you will only be able to upload an image. If another type of document is required as evidence, this will need to be uploaded once the audit has been uploaded back from the app to the main Radar Healthcare system.

Select the answer for each question, Yes, No or N/A.

To enter a comment, select the comments box and type your comments when prompted to do so and click Save.

To upload an image from the app, select the camera icon below the question.

You will have the option to upload the image from your existing photo library, or to take a picture using your device's camera.

Continue to answer all the questions within the audit. You can navigate to different sections of the audit using the arrows at the bottom of each page.

The score and status of each section will update as you answer the questions. This can be seen on the top right of the section page.

Once all your sections are completed, click <Sections at the top left of the screen to return to the sections page, and then <Audit to return to the audit summary page.

Finally, before any of your answers appear in the main Radar Healthcare system, you must upload them from your device, back in to Radar Healthcare. Until you do this, the audit will remain locked on Radar Healthcare and your answers will not be visible in the system as they are simply saved to your device.

To do this, from the main summary page, select Upload. 

Your audit should now be appearing with the padlock symbol in the main My Audits screen on your device, and will now be populated with your answers in the main Radar Healthcare system.