If you have completed an audit offline via the Radar Healthcare App, you will need to upload the information back into Radar Healthcare, in order for the information to show in the main system. 

You can upload both completed audits, and audits that are still in progress. Until you do this, the audit will remain locked on the main Radar Healthcare system and your answers will simply be saved to your device.

To upload your audit back into Radar Healthcare, from your My Audits screen in the Radar Healthcare App, select the audit that you wish to upload. 

Or if you are still in your audit, navigate back to the audit summary page by clicking <Audit from the top left hand side of the screen.

From the main summary page, select Upload.  

You will receive a notification to advise that this has been uploaded back into Radar Healthcare and the audit will once again appear locked from your phone.

Your audit will now be appearing with the padlock symbol in the main My Audits screen on your device, and will be populated with your answers in the main Radar Healthcare system. 

Once you have done this, the audit in question will unlock in Radar Healthcare and you can continue to complete it from your computer if the audit is still in progress, or you can move onto the Action Plan stage if the questions are complete.

Once an audit has been downloaded to the Radar Healthcare App, it will be locked on the main Radar Healthcare site until the audit has been uploaded again from the Radar Healthcare App. 

The answers selected within the Radar Healthcare App will not show in the main Radar Healthcare site until this upload has taken place.