What are Audit Types?

Audit Types are used to rank and grade completed audits to help classify how well you've done. E.g. you may have an Audit Type that applies the following ranks depending on the audit's percentage score:

0%-50% = Inadequate

51%-70% = Requires Improvement

71%-95% = Good

96%-100% = Outstanding

Multiple audits can use the same Audit Type. However, if you have audits that are graded in different ways, you can create as many different Audit Types in your system as needed. 

Within the Audit Type settings you can specify the labels for each Rank, the percentage thresholds used, and colour code the ranks. 

When users complete an audit within your system, they will be able to see the Audit Type used to grade the audit in the 'Score Scheme'.

Once an audit is completed, the final percentage score and associated Rank are displayed:

View Existing Audit Types

From your Administration dashboard, select Audit Types

Here you will see a list of existing Audit Types.

To view the details of the Audit Types, for example the colours and thresholds set, select Actions and Edit from the drop down list:

If you make changes to an Audit Type, any audits that are using the Audit Type in your system will be updated with the amendments, even if they have already been completed.

Create an Audit Type

From your Administration dashboard, select Audit Types

Here you will see all the existing Audit Types in your system.

To create a new Audit Type, click Create

Enter a name for the Audit Type. The name should enable you to identify this Type from a list when you come to creating your Audit Template (Step 2 of Creating an Audit).

Select the Scoring Type from the following:

  • Standard Audit (All questions will use Yes, No or N/A options - see example of how this appears in the audit below)


  • ISO Audit (All questions will use Not Checked, Fully Compliant, Observation, Minor Non-Conformity or Major Non-Conformity options - see example of how this appears in the audit below)

Next, you can set the labels that you would like to appear to users for the different thresholds. 

You will be given two thresholds initially, to add more options, simply click +Add Threshold

Set the percentage thresholds for each of the labels. When a user is completing an audit, their audit score will associate to the thresholds you set here. 

Finally, choose the colour that you would like the audit to flag as based on each of the thresholds you have set. You can change the colour of the text and the colour of the background. To do this, simply click on the coloured box and either type the hex code you would like to use, or select a colour from the colour pallet.

Once you have selected the colours and are happy with all your settings, click Save.