Once you have built a Report using the Report Builder you can add additional columns to the report results table to show the exact information you need to capture. 

Any information that has been submitted as part of a form when completing a Scheduled Task can be pulled out into the report. 

Adding a preset column

There are a number of preset columns that you can choose from and add to your report. 

Select the three line menu icon from the right hand corner of your results table. 

This will then reveal a list of available options for you to select. Simply select or deselect to add or remove columns and the results table will automatically update:

Adding Other Additional Columns

In addition to the preset columns available, you can also add other additional columns, specific to your Scheduled Tasks.

To add a column, select Add additional fields to results button above the results table:

Scheduled Task Reports

If your report is a Scheduled Task Report, upon clicking Add additional fields to results you will be presented with the option to pull through a Form used as part of a Task. 

Choose which form you want to pull the information from. The forms listed here will be specific to your organisation. 


Finally, choose which field from your selected form you wish to add into your results table. This list will show every field that is requested on your form:

Click Add column to add the selected column to your report and the results table will update automatically. You can add as many different columns as required.