Once you have built a report, set the criteria you need and added any required columns, you can save the report parameters. This makes running regular reports very quick and easy. 

You can also make this saved report shareable, so that other users are able see and run the same reports without needing to each create a report from scratch.

To save a report, first ensure that you have set all the required criteria and columns set.

From the top of the reporting screen select Save Report.

Give the report a name - it's recommended that the name be as clear as possible so that it is easily identifiable in the future.

Next, select where you would like to save the report:

Saving a report to the My Reports folder will make the report private and only visible to yourself.

Saving a report to the Shared Reports folder will make the report public and available to anyone who has access to the Shared folder.

Select the folder and click Save