To export a report from the Report Builder, first ensure that all your criteria and columns have been set and you have select Run report.

Once the report has run, select Export to CSV from the top of the screen

Depending on the content of the reports (i.e. Events, Audits, Compliance etc), you may be given the option to redact the data before exporting.

Select your redaction type and click Export.

The report will then download and can be opened in Excel should you wish to manipulate the data further.

What do the different Redaction options mean?

When exporting reports you may be given the option to choose a redaction type. 

Fully redacted - this option will replace any applicable fields with the word REDACTED. Applicable fields include anywhere a Service user or Staff member name is selected from a drop down list within a form or workflow step. It does NOT include names referenced in "Completed by" or "Assigned to" fields, such as who a workflow step was completed by, or who an action is assigned to.

Reference only - redactable information can be hidden and instead displayed as a reference ID. For example, staff members may instead display as their UserID, or Service users may display as their Patient ID. This ID is a reference field chosen and populated by you as an organisation. 

Show all - all information is displayed in full and no fields are redacted in any way.