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Scheduled Tasks can be updated at any time when changes are required.  Going into the overall task and editing it will update the currently outstanding task and any future ones.  Going into the currently outstanding task and editing the details will leave future ones unaffected.

Viewing Scheduled Tasks

  • When a Scheduled Task is due to be completed it will appear to the responsible person via their Dashboard.

  • To view all scheduled tasks, click on the Scheduled Tasks menu item on the left-hand menu.

Scheduled Tasks Icon

  • Here you will see a list of all Scheduled Tasks currently active in your system.  By default the completed Scheduled Tasks are hidden, select Show Complete to include these.

List of Scheduled Tasks.

  • To view a task, click on it from the scheduled task list. Here you will see each task, the date it took place, and any comments.

Update the Overall Task (including all Future Tasks)

  • Select the Scheduled Task you wish to update.

  • To update the overall task, including all subsequent tasks for this given Location, click the Edit task button

Edit a Scheduled Task

  • Make the required changes to each element of the form.  You can use the side menu to jump to a particular part that requires updating.

Editing a Scheduled Task.

  • Work through each of the 3 stages to complete your updates.

Update a Singular Task (without affecting Future Tasks)

  • To change a singular version of the task, e.g. to reassign this task to another user or to alter the due date for that instance of the task, click into the task itself from the task list. 

  • Here you can edit the individual task details. 

Editing a task.

  • Click Save once the changes have been made.

Reassigning a Scheduled Task

Reassign the Next Outstanding and All Subsequent Tasks

  • To reassign all future triggered tasks for this scheduled task, select the task from the overall Scheduled Task list and click Edit task.

Edit a Scheduled Task 

  • You can use the left-hand navigation menu to jump to the Review and allocate step and select the new person responsible for the task.

Changing the Responsible person.

  • This will now have reassigned the next outstanding task and all future tasks.

Reassign the Outstanding Task Only

  • To reassign a single instance of a task, leaving all future tasks that are subsequently scheduled unaffected, click on the task that you wish to reassign from the Scheduled Task list.

  • Here you will be presented with the details for this instance of the task. To reassign the task, select the name of the individual from the Person responsible drop-down list and click Save to save the changes.

Changing Responsible Person for a task.


Is it possible to update Scheduled Tasks in bulk?

  • It is possible to reassign Scheduled Task users in bulk using the Bulk Assignment feature in the Administration area.

  • For other updates, it is not possible to do so in bulk.  If a change is needed for the task at other Locations, simply repeat the Edit task process for the task assigned to each location as required.