To edit a scheduled task, click on the Scheduled Tasks menu item.

The scheduled tasks for the locations/services you have permission to access are displayed.

Click on the scheduled task you wish to update.

There are two options when updating a Scheduled Task:

  1. Update the overall task and all future tasks for the selected Location
  2. Update a singular instance of a task, without affecting future tasks

Update the Overall Task (including all Future Tasks)

To update the overall task, including all subsequent tasks for this given Location, click the Edit task button

Make the required changes to each element for the form.  You can use the side menu to jump to a particular part that requires updating.

Please note, any changes made will NOT carry over to the same task assigned to other Locations. If a change is needed for the task at other Locations, simply repeat the Edit task process for the task assigned to each Location as required.

Update a Singular Task (without affecting Future Tasks)

To change a singular version of the task, e.g. to reassign this task to another user or to alter the due date for that instance of the task, click into the task itself from the task list. 

Here you can edit the individual task details. 

Click Save once the changes have been made.