The event trend analysis report enables you to compare trends over a 12 month period.

To build a trend analysis report, from your left hand menu, click on Data Analysis followed by Analysis Reports.

Here you will see two Event Report options. Click View against the Event Trend Analysis report to run the report.

To start building your trend report, select Trend Lines.

Select the settings for your first trend line, starting by choosing either a Location, Region or the whole Organisation. 

Select the event Type or event Subtype for the first trend line (an event Subtype is indicated using -- and will appear below the main event type). 

Next, select the Metric you would like to use:

Open = events opened/reported each month

Closed = events closed each month

Active = the number of events currently ongoing/in progress in the given month 

And finally, choose the colour for the first trend line using the colour palet and click Add.

Your first trend line will be plotted on the trend graph.

Repeat this process, selecting a different Location/Region or Event Type and selecting a different colour per trend line, as required.

To clear the criteria on the trend analysis report, select Clear.