The audit log is a centralised log of all activity in Radar Healthcare. From here you will be able to see and filter on:

  • The Radar Healthcare Module, e.g. Document Management, Audits, Events, Workforce Compliance etc.
  • The Type of Activity, e.g. Update to Document Version, Schedule an Audit, Events Updated etc.
  • Who made the change, including the date and time
  • The Activity (change) itself, e.g. "Event 'UTE-017' was created", 

The Audit Log is a permission.  Please activate this under Access Control.  Guidance is available here Setting User Permissions

To access the Audit Log, from the Admin dashboard, select the Audit Log tile, under the General section.

From here you will see the log:

From this table, you can click on any of the items to reveal more information, e.g. below, the item "Event 'UTE-017' was created" has been clicked on to reveal details about who reported the event, the location, the event type, etc.: