To view current documents, select Documents from the left hand menu.

Here you will see all current folders in your system, along with the current Status of the folder. The folder status is pulled from the documents within it:

  • If all the documents within the folder are up to date, the status of the folder will be Compliant
  • If one or more of the documents in the folder are passed the review date, the status of the folder will be Overdue

You can search for a document, using the Search icon  at the top of the page.

For help with searching for and filtering on documents, please click here to access the relevant guide.

Once you have found the document you wish to view, click on the document from the document list. 

For Basic Document users, this will download a copy of the document.

For Admin Document users, upon clicking on the document name, the document details are displayed.

You can view the full version history of the document, by expanding the versions at the bottom of the page.