A notice with a document attachment can be sent either from the Notices section of Radar Healthcare, or from the Document itself. 

To send a notice from the Document page, navigate to the document you wish to attach to a notice. Click on the name of the document to be taken to the Document Details page. 

Click Attach to notice from the top of the page. 

You are now taken to the Notice screen.

Type the Subject and body of the notice that you would like to send to your users. A preview of the notice as it will appear to your users is shown below the text box.

Next select the priority for this notice. Setting priorities for tasks allows users to better manage their outstanding task list on their user dashboard. 

Select whether you would like to send an email notification to your users as well as the in system Radar Healthcare notification.

Choose whether you would like recipients to acknowledge receipt of the notice or not. If recipients must respond, select a date a deadline by which they must respond. 

You can also give you notice a Tag. This allows you to better filter on notices sent, e.g. should you wish to report on only notices with the tag Policy Updates or CAS alerts. To add a tag, simply select from the list of existing tags or type a new tag label. 

You will see that the document you originated from via the document management screen has automatically been attached to the notice.

You can search for additional documents to attach from within the Document Management system using the Link from document management option. Start typing the name of a document saved in your documents section of Radar Healthcare and select from the list. 

Alternatively, you can attach them directly from your PC by selecting Add file.

Once all the notice details have been entered, click Next

Now select who you would like the notice to be sent to. Below a preview of your notice, you will see a list of all the users in your system. 

You can choose to send it to all users, by selecting the top most check box on the right hand side of the user list.

You can also search for and filter on your users, using the filter icon on the top right of the recipient list. 

E.g. you could filter your users by role(s) using the filter panel (you can select multiple roles should you need to do so). 

You can then select all users with the given role(s) by checking the top most selection box. 

Once you have selected your users, click Next at the top or bottom of the screen.

Finally, you will be shown a preview of your message for your to review along with your final recipient list. 

You can return to change any of the details for your notice at any time by using either the Previous buttons at the top or bottom of the screen, or by using the progress bar. 

If you are happy with the notice, click Send.

Once the notice has been sent, you will be able to view the notice from within the Document that was attached.