What is a Select? 

A Select is a drop down list, where the user is able to select one option from a predefined list of options. You can either use existing standard lists, such as your system Locations or Users, or you can enter your own list manually. 

How do I set a Select?

From within the Form Editor, drag the Select from the left hand elements pane, into the middle canvas: 

When you first drag the element, it will turn red, as can be seen in the image below: 

Enter the title of the question using the question Label either on the left hand panel or on the element itself on the centre canvas.

Note - we strongly recommend that you word your question in such a way as to make it unique/identifiable out of context, e.g. "Name of user affected" instead of just "Name". This will enable you to better pull reports on the data from the report builder once your form is in use.

Next, you can choose how you would like to enter the drop down options list:

  • Pull through pre-set options, e.g. Locations, Users etc
  • Manually type the options you would like to list

Using Pre-set Options

If you would like to pull through a pre-set list, from the Data source box, select the option you would like to use:

Locations will pull through all your system Locations

Service User will only show if you have a list of Service Users loaded into your system as a Custom List

Users will pull through a list of all active users, both interactive (able to log in) and non-interactive(unable to login). End-dated users will not appear in the list.

If you use any Custom Lists or Enhanced Custom Lists these will also be available to select here.

Manually Typing Options

You can simply type the options you want to show in the drop down select using the lower Label field.

Type each option and click Add Option  after each to confirm. 

Once you have added your options, you will see them populating on the right hand preview screen:

You can use a combination of the pre-set source data options and the manually typed options, should you wish to do so. For example, you may wish to have all your Locations as well as an "Other" option. 

Adding Additional Details 

When setting your select options, should you wish to ask for more details when a certain answer is selected, you can do this very easily using the Additional details field on the left hand panel.

Select the option requiring additional information from the middle canvas (i.e. the selection from the drop down select), then type the title of the additional details question:

When this option is now selected from the drop down Select, the additional question will appear as can be seen on the right hand preview panel:

Remember to save your form as you build it to avoid losing work.