What is a Body Map? 

The Body Map allows you to use an image in a form, which users can then use to select or pinpoint information, e.g. to select areas on the body where injuries may have occurred, where on a vehicle damage has taken place, or perhaps using an office floor plan to log where a hazard is located. 

A body map is included for you to use should you wish to do so, or you can upload your own images.

How do I set a Body Map?

From within the Form Editor, drag the Select from the left hand elements pane, into the middle canvas: 

When you first drag the element, it will turn red, as can be seen in the image below: 

Enter the title of the question using the question Label either on the left hand panel or on the element itself on the centre canvas.

Note - we strongly recommend that you word your question in such a way as to make it unique/identifiable out of context, e.g. "Name of user affected" instead of just "Name". This will enable you to better pull reports on the data from the report builder once your form is in use.

Next, from the left hand panel, select the body map image that you wish to use. We have included the image adult (v1) as standard.

You can now preview how the body map will look using the right hand preview screen.

To upload your own image to use, click Add new body map image  and select the picture file you wish to use.

The image(s) you have uploaded will then be available for you to select from the drop down:

Remember to save your form as you build it to avoid losing work.