What is a Recorded Link? 

A Recorded Link is a url link that the user must click on in order to complete the form. An example could be visiting an external website. Recorded Links can also be used to link to a document saved within Radar Healthcare's document management, that you want a user to read/have access to as part of completing a form. 

Recorded Link questions are always mandatory.

How do I set a Recorded Link?

From within the Form Editor, drag the Recorded Link from the left hand elements pane, into the middle canvas: 

When you first drag the element, it will turn red, as can be seen in the image below:  

Enter the details for the recorded link on the left hand panel:

Label - this is the question itself

Link text - this is the text that will appear on the link button (see screenshot below)

Link destination - this is the url that you would like to link to the form

Linking to a webpage using Recorded Links

Below is an example linking to a web address, simply type or copy and paste the web address into the Link destination field:

This is a preview of how this looks on the form:

When the user clicks on the link, they will be redirected to the given page.

Linking to a Document using Recorded Links

If a document is saved in Radar Healthcare, it can be linked to a form for a user to download. This is often used in Workforce Compliance Requirements for example, to ensure that users have downloaded and read a policy. 

To find the link for a document, from within the document management section of Radar Healthcare, select the three dot menu icon to the right hand side of the document you wish to link to the form and select Copy Url

Navigate back to the Form in the Form editor


Select the Recorded link element, as per the instructions above. 

In the Link destination field on the left hand panel, paste the link that you have just copied:

Enter the Label and Link text as required

You can now see your link on the preview screen on the right hand side:

When a user clicks on this link, the document will download directly to their computer/device.

Please note - when linking to a document, you must ensure that the permissions set on the document allow the users completing the form to access the document. If the permissions on a document restrict access to only certain roles any other users trying to follow the link will be unable to do so.