Every user in Radar Healthcare has their own personal dashboard.  This dashboard will show you all the outstanding tasks that are assigned to you to complete. 

Your dashboard regularly.   You can see the Last updated time and date above your task list. 

The task Type tells you what area of Radar Healthcare the task relates to, e.g. Event, Audit, Compliance, Notice etc. 

My task dashboard in Radar Healthcare showing a range of tasks assigned to a user with due dates and associated statuses.

To complete any of your outstanding tasks, simply click on the task from this screen. 

Tasks are ordered by Status (i.e. Overdue or Pending), Due date and Priority.

Your dashboard has 3 different task tabs. 

My tasks - this shows any tasks that are assigned to you to complete

Workforce tasks - this shows any tasks that are assigned to those that you directly manage (i.e. are set as the manager in the user record on Radar Healthcare)

Tasks I've created - this shows any Action Plan or Event Tasks that you have created and assigned to another user

You can filter any tasks by using the filter icon.