Each user in Radar Healthcare has a compliance status. 

You can view your own compliance status by clicking on My records on the left hand menu.

Here you will see your own overall compliance status. This is determined by whether you have any compliance tasks pending or overdue. A single overdue compliance task will give you an overall compliance status of Overdue.

There are different statuses for compliance requirements, as follows:

  • Planned – The requirement has not been completed previously, but the due date is not yet within the pending period (the pending period is the time before the due date that the requirement may be completed, e.g. 1 month prior to the due date, the requirement would show as Pending. The pending period is set by your System Administrator.)
  • Compliant – The requirement  has been completed and is not yet due to be completed again (once it is due to be completed again, the status will change from Compliant to Pending).
  • Pending – The requirement is due to be completed, but you are still within the required due date for the task. 
  • Overdue – The due date for the requirement has passed.
  • Not Applicable – This requirement does not have a due date or compliance status, e.g. the requirement was completed in the past, but has now been removed and is no longer needed (any requirements that have been completed previously but are no longer required as part of your role will not be removed from your record, they will simply flag as N/A so that you retain the record of completion).


Any Pending or Overdue tasks will be flagging to you on your User Dashboard and will have a task Type of Compliance.

Please note - your Radar Healthcare Dashboard updates every 5 minutes, as can be seen from the "Last updated" time stamp on the top left of the page. There may be short period between a requirement being completed and your dashboard updating, which would mean the requirement is still showing as Pending or Overdue after completion. Once your dashboard updates, any completed requirements will no longer show on your My Tasks dashboard.