Each user in Radar Healthcare has a compliance status. This status is determined by whether you are fully compliant and up to date with all requirements, or if you have any compliance requirements pending or overdue.

Any Pending or Overdue tasks will be flagging to you on your User Dashboard and will have a task Type of Compliance.


To complete a requirement, click into it from this list. 

If the requirement has been completed previously, you will see the past completions listed.

Click into the latest (topmost) requirement in this list. You will be taken into the requirement and will see the tasks required to be completed. 

To complete the tasks, simply click into each task in turn and follow the steps/instructions on screen:

Once you have completed your requirement, the Status and Due Date will update, for example if it is an annual requirement, the Status will update to Compliant and the Due Date will update to one years’ time. If it is a one off requirement, with no recurrence required, the next due date will show as Not Applicable.