In order to view all your Training and Compliance requirements, including everything completed and outstanding, click on My Records from the left hand menu.

From here you will see your compliance status, flagging at the top of the screen:

  • Compliant – You are fully compliant and have no requirement tasks due to be completed
  • Pending – You are due to complete at least one requirement task, but are still within the required due date for the task(s) 
  • Overdue –  You have at least one requirement task that has not been completed and is now passed the due date

You will then see a list of all your completed and outstanding Compliance Requirements. 

You can filter on any of your requirements using the filter icon on the right hand side of the screen:

This will reveal the filter panel

  • Name - This is the title of the requirement
  • Due date
  • Last completed date
  • Status
    • Planned – The requirement has not been completed previously, but the due date is not yet within the pending period (the pending period is the time before the due date that the requirement may be completed, e.g. 1 month prior to the due date, the requirement would show as Pending. The pending period is set by your System Administrator.)
    • Compliant – The requirement  has been completed and is not yet due to be completed again (once it is due to be completed again, the status will change from Compliant to Pending).
    • Pending – The requirement is due to be completed, but you are still within the required due date for the task. 
    • Overdue – The due date for the requirement has passed.
    • Not Applicable – This requirement does not have a due date or compliance status, e.g. the requirement was completed in the past, but has now been removed and is no longer needed (any requirements that have been completed previously but are no longer required as part of your role will not be removed from your record, they will simply flag as N/A so that you retain the record of completion).
  • Tags - Some requirements may be linked together using tags. This helps with filtering and reporting on different requirements. (The tags used are set by your System Administrator)

You can complete a Requirement from this page by simply clicking into it from the list. 

If you do not have the My Records menu item on the left hand menu, you have not been given permission to view your Compliance Record. If, when viewing your compliance record, you cannot see requirements that you know have been completed and so should be showing, you have not been given permission to view those specific requirements. If this is the case, please contact your System Administrator who will be able to grant you the required permissions if needed.

If you are a System Administrator and need assistance in managing the compliance permissions, please view this article: