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In order to view and action all your Training and Compliance requirements, including everything completed and outstanding, click on My Records from the left-hand menu.

An image showing the My Records open on the side menu in Radar Healthcare.

All requirements come with an individual status to let you know if something needs your attention and the associated due dates.

Viewing your Requirements

  • From here you will see your overall compliance status.
    • Compliant – You are fully compliant and have no requirement tasks due to be completed
    • Pending – You are due to complete at least one requirement task in the near future
    • Overdue –  You have at least one requirement task that has not been completed and is now passed the due date

  • You will then see a list of all your completed and outstanding Compliance Requirements. 

An image showing a list of a user's compliance requirements.

  • You can filter on any of your requirements using the filter icon on the right-hand side of the screen:

An image showing the filter icon which resembles a funnel

  • This will reveal the filter panel

An image showing a range of filter options available when the filter icon is selected

  • Status Explained:
    • Planned – The requirement has not been completed previously and is due in the future
    • Compliant – The requirement has been completed and no further action is required right now
    • Pending – The requirement is due to be completed soon
    • Overdue – The due date for the requirement has passed.
    • Not Applicable – This requirement was assigned to you in the past but is no longer active
  • Tags Explained 
    • Some requirements may be linked together using tags. This helps with filtering and reporting on different requirements. (The tags used are set by your System Administrator)

You can complete a Requirement from this page by simply clicking on it from the list. 


Why does it look different to me?

  • Your view of the system is based on the permissions your organisation has provided you wish.  These permissions delicate what you can or cannot see.  Therefore you may not have My Record, or you may only have permission to view a chosen number of requirements.

  • If you are a System Administrator and need assistance in managing the compliance permissions, please view this article.