Every audit has 3 steps, all of which need to be completed before the audit as a whole will be marked as complete. 

These steps are:

  1. Answering the Audit Questions
  2. Creating an Action Plan / Confirming that no Actions are required
  3. Authorising the Audit - Essentially this step is confirming that all the details entered are correct and is the final "Submission"

It is important that all three steps are completed, as until the audit is Authorised it will still be classed as outstanding.

Step 1: Answering Audit Questions

N.B. You can only complete an audit if it has been assigned to you. 

If you have been assigned an audit that is due to take place, it will flag as either Pending or Overdue on your Radar Healthcare dashboard. If the audit is scheduled but not yet due to be completed, it will show as Planned.

To start a scheduled audit simply click on it from this list.

If the audit has not yet been started, click Begin audit and Yes to confirm.

You will now see the front Audit Overview screen. 

The top part of the screen shows a break down of the different sections and questions within the audit. You can expand this using the > arrow to reveal the different requirement categories and the audit questions themselves. 

The bottom half of the screen gives a summary of the audit completion.

To work your way through the audit, click Continue audit, either at the top of the page or in the list at the bottom of the page. Please note, you will only see the Continue button if the audit has been assigned to you.

You can now start answering the questions and uploading your evidence. For each question you will be asked to select Yes, No or N/A. You will also have the option to add comments and upload evidence to support your answer selection. For some questions you may find that the comments and a document upload are flagged as mandatory, on others they will be optional.

Answer the questions and click Next  to move on to the next page. 

If you have missed any mandatory fields, you will be presented with the below message upon clicking Next. You can either fill in the details now or click Next again to move on and come back to them later. 

As you move through the audit, on the left hand side of the screen you will see a progress bar, showing how far through the current section you are. The green tick indicates that a page is completed. You can use this bar to navigate to each page by simply clicking on the relevant step.

Continue to answer all questions, enter comments and upload evidence as required. As you answer each question, the answer is automatically being saved in Radar Healthcare, so you can leave an audit part way through and come back to it at any time to continue where you left off. 

Once you have finished all questions in this Section of the audit, click Summary at the top or bottom of the audit.

You can now see the status for your audit in the top half of the summary screen, along with the score achieved (each Yes=1, each No=0 - this is calculated into a percentage score). 

Click on the > arrows to expand the section and different requirement categories to view the answers given for each question.

To change or further expand on any answer given, simply click on the question from this summary screen to be taken directly to it. 

Once you are happy with your answers, click Complete audit from either the top of the screen, or from within the Status table.

If this is a regularly occurring audit with an automatic schedule set, any future audits will be automatically scheduled once the user clicks Complete Audit.

The date that the next audit schedules for is based on the due date of the current audit, not the completed date. E.g. if an audit is due to take place every month and our current audit has a due date of the 1st April, the next audit will schedule for the 1st May next month, regardless of the date we actually completed the this audit.

Remember, your audit is not yet complete!

An audit is not Complete until an Action Plan has been created and the audit is Authorised.