Every audit has 3 steps, all of which need to be completed before the audit as a whole will be marked as complete. 

These steps are:

  1. Answering the Audit Questions
  2. Creating an Action Plan / Confirming that no Actions are required
  3. Authorising the Audit - Essentially this step is confirming that all the details entered are correct and is the final "Submission"

It is important that all three steps are completed, as until the audit is Authorised it will still be classed as outstanding.

Once you have answered all the questions within your audit, you next need to either create your Action Plan (if you have questions that you could not meet), or confirm that no actions are required (if you scored 100%).

From within your audit, if you have not already done so, click Complete Audit against the first audit step.

The Action Plan step has now become active.

Creating an Action Plan

For every question that was answered with a No, you will need to create an action. To do this, click Create action plan against the second audit step. 

A list of all the questions where there are areas for improvement are now displayed at the top of the screen.

At the bottom of the screen you will see all the current outstanding actions for the location that the audit took place at. 

You now need to create an action for each of the questions listed in the Areas for Improvement section at the top of the screen. It maybe that a single action will cover more than one question listed, or you may need to create a separate action per requirement. 

You can either create a new action, or link your question to one of the existing actions displayed in the bottom section of the screen. 

Creating a New Action

To create your first action, select the question(s) that the first action will cover using the check box to the right hand side and click Create new action plan.

Enter the details for the action:

  • Person Responsible = This is the person the action will be assigned to
  • Email notification = If you select Yes the user will be emailed to advise they have been assigned this action
  • Priority = You can filter on actions using the priority status
  • Due date = The action must be completed by this date
  • Details of Action = This is where you need to put what the action entails, what needs to be done
  • Tags (optional) = You can filter your actions by using tags. Simply select from the drop down list, or type a new tag if the one you need is not available. Please note, any tags you create will be available for all users in the system to select moving forward, so please check with your System Administrator before creating new tags.
  • Attachments (optional) = If you would like to upload a document relating to the action you can do so

Once you are happy with the information you have entered, click Complete.

You will now be taken back to the Areas for Improvement screen. Repeat the same steps to create new actions. You can create more than one action against a single question if required. 

Once actions have been created against a question, we can see the action code listed to the right hand side of the question. 

Linking to an Existing Action

You may wish to link your failed audit question to an existing action, rather than creating a new and potentially duplicate action. To do this, select the question you wish to link to an existing action from the top Areas for Improvement screen.

Next select the action that you wish to link to the audit question by checking the box to the right hand side of the action.

Click Link to selected item

You will once again see the the action code listed on the right hand side against the question.

Once actions have been created for all questions where improvements were required, you can now complete the action plan step of your audit.

To do this, click back to the audit Summary

You will now notice that the Action plan created button is displayed. Select this to complete the action plan step of your audit.

If the Action plan created button is not appearing for you, you have not created an action against each of your evidence questions in the Areas for Improvement screen. In this case, click back on Create action plan and follow the steps above to create the actions.

Remember, your audit is not yet complete!

An audit is not Complete until it has been Authorised. This may be a step that has been assigned to another user, or it may be a step that you need to complete yourself.