Every audit has 3 steps, all of which need to be completed before the audit as a whole will be marked as complete. 

These steps are:

  1. Answering the Audit Questions
  2. Creating an Action Plan / Confirming that no Actions are required
  3. Authorising the Audit - Essentially this step is confirming that all the details entered are correct and is the final "Submission"

It is important that all three steps are completed, as until the audit is Authorised it will still be classed as outstanding.

Once all the audit questions have been answered and an Action Plan has been created, the next and final step in performing an audit is for the details entered to be authorised. This final step is what marks the audit as Complete. 

The Authorisation step will sometimes be assigned to a different user to the one completing the original audit, however it may also be a step that needs to be completed by the same user as the one carrying out the original audit.  

You will see the user that the Authorisation step has been assigned to in the information at the bottom of the audit page. 

If this step has not been assigned to you, then you have successfully completed all your required steps in performing an Audit (though don't forget to continue working on any outstanding actions that have been raised on the back of the audit!).

Reviewing the Audit prior to Authorisation

If you have been assigned the authorisation step, whether you are the same person as conducted the audit itself, or a different user who has only been assigned this final step, it is good practice to review the answers to the audit questions before authorising, to ensure that the information entered is correct.

You can view the questions and answers submitted, by expanding the Section(s) at the top of the summary page using the > arrows. Here you will see all answers submitted. You can click into any of the questions from here to read the comments in full and download any documents uploaded as evidence.

When viewing the answers in this way, you will only have read only access and will not be able to make any changes. 

If you feel that you are not happy authorising the audit and changes are needed then you can either make the changes yourself or send the audit back to the original auditor.

To send the audit back to the original Auditor, click Edit audit at the top of the audit page. This will put the audit back to "In Progress" and it will once again appear on the auditors dashboard. 

You can leave comments for the auditor using the Comments tab on the audit table at the bottom of the screen to advise why it has not yet been authorised.

This tab will show that comments have been left by flagging with the number of comments

Authorising the Audit

If you are happy with the answers submitted, simply select the Authorise audit button to the right of the final audit step.

Once an audit is authorised, the summary screen will update to show an overview of the completed audit.

This audit is now finished and will be marked as Complete when viewed from the main audit list.