To view all Audits, select Audits and then Audit List from the left hand menu.

You are now taken to the Audit List. What you see on this screen depends on your system permissions, you may see all audits across the organisation, or only for your own Location or Region. 

By default, this list will only include scheduled and in progress audits. To view Completed Audits, select the Show completed tab at the top right of the screen

This will now display all audits.

You can filter on the following using the filter icon  to the top right hand side of the page:

  • Template = The audit itself, e.g. Health and Safety audit
  • Type = The Type dictates the scoring and labeling thresholds
  • Status
    • Planned (scheduled for a future date) 
    • Pending (not started or in progress but still within the due date) 
    • Overdue (not yet completed and passed the due date) 
    • Complete (all steps within the audit have been completed and the audit has been authorised)
  • Stage = this is the step within the audit that the user is currently on
    • Not Started
    • Audit in Progress (answering questions and submitting the evidence)
    • Action Plan (creating and finalising the action plan)
    • Authorisation (questions and actions completed and waiting to be authorised)
    • Complete (everything completed and authorised)
    • Locked (the audit has been started on a mobile device via the Radar Healthcare App and cannot be unlocked until the results from the app have been uploaded back into Radar Healthcare)

Once you have found the audit you wish to view, click into the audit from the list. 

This brings you to the Audit Summary page. From here you can see the overall score achieved as well as all answers submitted, a record of who completed each stage of the audit and when, all actions linked to the audit and any description, summary or comments noted. 

If you do not have the Audit menu item on the left hand menu, you have not been given permission to view audits. If this is the case, please contact your System Administrator who will be able to grant you the required permissions if needed.