As you answer the questions within an audit, you will notice that the audit is automatically calculating the relevant score. This is displayed at the top of the main summary page.

Expanding the Sections on the summary page enable you to see the score for each Section and the Requirement categories within these.

For each question you answer, a Yes answer will score 1, a No will score 0 and an N/A will be discounted from all calculations. 

You will see the score as you fill in your audit, calculated at the bottom of each page. In the example below, we can see there are two questions asked, the first answer is a Yes (1 mark), the second is a No (0 marks). Out of 2 possible marks, this audit scored 1, which therefore equates to a score of 50%. This score is shown at the bottom of the page. 

The score for each Requirement category and Section is combined to form an overall audit score. This is the score that you see on the main Audit Summary page. 

The overall audit score will only calculate based on the questions answered so far. For example in the screenshot below, our audit is currently scoring at 100%, but only the first of multiple requirement categories have been completed.