Actions are an integral feature in Radar Healthcare and can be created from events, audits and from the Action Plan page itself. All actions that are created, regardless of whether they are created from an event, audit or the Action Plan page, have the same structure and will appear in the Action Plan list. 

This guide looks at creating a new standalone action.

To create a new Action outside of an event or audit, select Action Plan, from the left-hand menu.

You are now taken to the Action Plan. Here you can see all actions created for either your Organisation, your Region or your Location (this will depend upon your permissions).

To create a new action, click Create new.

There are two stages to complete:

Stage 1: Location

Location Which location does the action relate to?  This action will be visible for that location and can be linked to both events or audits at the same location
Person Responsible Who is responsible for owning and completing this action?  Select accordingly

Stage 2: Details

Send email notification
If you select Yes the user will be emailed to advise they have been assigned this action

Select the most appropriate priority setting for this action.  This is visible for the user when viewing tasks assigned to them, and it is also shown on reports and can be used to filter your actions
Due date

Select the date you'd like the action to be completed by.  This can be amended at a later time (permissions applying)
Pending period

The pending period is the time before the deadline that the task appears on the person responsible's dashboard and is included in their Monday morning reminder email.
Details of Action

What the action entails, what needs to be done?

Tags (optional) 
You can filter your actions by using tags. Simply select from the drop-down list, or type a new tag if the one you need is not available.
Please note, any tags you create will be available for all users in the system to select moving forward, so please check with your System Administrator before creating new tags.
Attachments (optional)
Add a file that will be available for the person responsible for the action to view 

Once you are happy with the information you have entered, click Complete.

The Action Plan screen will now refresh and your new action will be listed.