The process for updating and closing an Action is the same regardless of where the action was created (ie. from an event, audit or via the Action Plan list).

Adding Action Updates

If you have been assigned an action you can add regular updates at any time. To do this, from within the action itself, simply scroll to the bottom of the action screen, enter the details and click Add update.

All updates are logged and can be easily viewed from within the action, along with who made the update and when.

Viewing Linked Events and Audits

You can view any events or audits linked to an action under the Links tab from within the action

Adding and Viewing Attachments

If you need to upload a document to the action as evidence or for your records, you can do this by selecting the Attachments tab from within the action and selecting Add file.

You will be able to see the number files attached to an action via the count to the right of the tab label: