Actions are an integral feature in Radar Healthcareand can be created from events, audits and from the Action Plan page itself. All actions that are created, regardless of whether they are created from an event, audit or the Action Plan page, have the same structure and will appear in the Action Plan list. Actions can be created, assigned, prioritised, given a due date and updated until closure.

Viewing all Actions

To view all actions, select Action Plan from the left hand menu.

You are now taken to the Action Plan. Here you can see all actions created for either your Organisation, your Region or your Location (this will depend upon your permissions).


Here you will see the following details:

  • Reference = This is the unique Action reference code
  • Description = The details of what needs to happen
  • Location = The Location that the Action relates to
  • Assigned to = The user responsible for updating and completing the action
  • Due date = When the action needs to be completed by
  • Last updated = When somebody last added an update to the action
  • Status = Planned, Pending, Overdue or Complete
  • Priority = High, Medium or Low
  • Events = The number of events linked to this action (the colour indicates if the event(s) is/are complete or overdue)
  • Audit evidence = The number of audit questions this action is linked to (the colour indicates if the audit(s) is/are complete or overdue)
  • Tags = Adding a tag to an action allows you to filter on related actions here, e.g. you may decide to create a Training tag, which would allow you to filter and view all actions relating to training needs.

Filtering on Actions

You can filter on any of these fields by selecting the filter icon  at the top right hand side of the action list.

Viewing Completed Actions

This list will only be showing outstanding actions. To view completed actions, select Show completed option at the top of the Action list.

Viewing Action Details

To view an action, simply click into it from this Action Plan list. 

Once in an action you can view all the details including any updates that have been made to the action.