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Each user in Radar Healthcare has a compliance status. This is determined by whether they have any compliance tasks pending or overdue. A single overdue compliance task will set the overall compliance status to Overdue.

To view the compliance status of your workforce, select My Workforce from the left-hand menu. 

An image showing My Workforce on the side menu.

You are now taken to the Workforce Compliance list. What you see on this screen depends on your system permissions, you may see all users across the organisation, only those within your own Location or Region, or only those for whom you are assigned as the Manager.

Viewing Compliance by User

  • The list of users is displayed, along with their current compliance status. These are as follows:
    • Planned – The user has not yet completed any requirements and the due date is in the future.
    • Compliant – The user is fully compliant with all requirements.
    • Pending – The user has at least one requirement that is due to be completed quite soon.
    • Overdue – The user has at least one requirement that has not been completed and the due date for the requirement has passed.
    • Not Applicable – The does not have any requirements assigned or all of their requirements are inactive.

  • From this list, you will be able to see how many requirements are Compliant, Pending or Overdue via the relevant column.

  • To view a user's compliance record, click on them from this list. 

  • You will now see all the user's assigned compliance requirements, along with the next due date, last completed date and the current compliance status.

Viewing Compliance by Requirement

  • In addition to viewing each user's overall record, you can also view the compliance list by Requirement.

  • From the Workforce Compliance page, select the Requirement tab on the top right of the screen. This will now show you each requirement and each user individually. 

  • You can filter and sort the requirement list using the filter icon on the top right-hand side of the screen.

  • This will open the filter panel where you can filter on the various fields.

  • You can choose to sort the results, using the arrows to the right-hand side of the filter options.


Why do I not have My Workforce on the menu?

  • If you do not have the My Workforce menu item, or when viewing the My workforce compliance list, your list is blank or users are missing, you have not been given permission to view the workforce compliance requirements for the users you wish to view. 

  • If this is the case, please contact your System Administrator who will be able to grant you the required permissions if needed.