This article outlines how to set up new, individual User accounts in your Radar Healthcare system. User accounts are usually created for your staff members. 

To add a new user to Radar Healthcare follow the 5 steps below:

  1. Click on Administration in the left hand side menu
  2. Click on Users (Here you will see a list of all users in your system)
  3. Click Add New User...
  4. Enter the user's details
    Any fields with a red star are mandatory. The table below provides more information about the different fields.

    Field NameDescription





    Start date

    Optional - If a start date is entered, the user will not be able to login until the start date
    End dateOptional - If an end date is entered, the user will be deactivated on that date and will no longer be able to log in 
    Employee referenceOptional - A unique reference used to identify each user - useful if staff members have the same name.
    The reference appears in user drop down lists within the system so do not use confidential references e.g. do not use payroll number if this is confidential at your organisation,
    If exporting redacted information from Radar, you can choose to include staff references rather than names.
    Manager*Mandatory - Select the user's line manager. Only users that are marked as managers appear in this list. If the manager is not appearing in the list, make sure the manager's user account is set up correctly in your system.

    The user's line manager will:
    • Have an oversight of tasks assigned to this user on their Dashboard
    • Receive an email each Monday with a summary of tasks assigned to the user
    • May be able to view the user's compliance records
    DepartmentsOptional - Departments are a way to categorise your users for reporting and filtering purposes. This functionality does not link to any permissions in the system.
    Departments are created in Administration > Departments.
    Allow this user to logon*Mandatory - If "Yes", the user will be able to login to Radar Healthcare and can be assigned tasks in your system.
    If "No" is selected the user can be tracked in training and compliance and can appear in a staff list as part of event reporting, but can’t be assigned any tasks.
    Email Address*Mandatory - If users can login, they must have an email address entered to access Radar Healthcare and receive any task notifications. The email address must be unique to each user.
    Phone NumberOptional
    Send account activation email?*Mandatory - If "Yes", the system will send the user a password activation email as soon as their account is saved. The activation link is only valid for 48 hours so we don't recommend activating accounts on a Friday.
    If you do not want to send an activation email when creating the account select "No" and find out about Activating Users at a later date.
    Is this user a manager?*Mandatory - If the user is a line manager select "Yes". This user will then appear in the above "Manager" drop down list when adding future users. 
    Add Role*Recommended - Select the user's role from the drop down list and click Add. 
    (Roles are created in Administration > Roles). 

    If the role has a scope of location/region then you will need to select the location(s)/region(s) where the users is based.

    A user can have multiple roles if required.

    The role controls:
    • The user’s level of data access (Organisation, Region, Location)
    • The permissions of what a user can do when they login (see Access Control)
    • Can be used to automatically assign tasks to the user (e.g. Event Manager)

    N.B. If you forget to add a role, the user will only be able to see their Dashboard, My Records and My Notices when the login.

  5. Click Save