To add a new user to Radar Healthcare, from your Admin dashboard, select Users.

Here you will see a list of all users in your system.

To add a new user, select Add New User...

Enter the user's details into the form:

  • The profile picture should be sized 75×75 pixels
  • Forename(s)
  • Initial(s)
  • Surname
  • Start date
  • End date - if known – If an end date is entered, the user will be deactivated on that date and will no longer be able to log into Radar Healthcare 
  • Employee reference – A unique reference for the user e.g. payroll number
  • Manager – Select the user's manager. Only users who are flagged as being a manager on their own records will appear in the drop down. Once assigned to a manager, the new user will appear in their manager's workforce list.
  • Department – If no departments have been created in your system, leave this blank
  • Allow this user to logon – If "Yes", the user will be able to login to Radar Healthcare.  If "No" is selected the user can be tracked in training and compliance and can appear in a staff list as part of event reporting, but can’t be assigned any other items.
  • Email Address – The email address entered will be used to access Radar Healthcare and any alerts will be sent to this email address. The email address must be unique to each user.
  • Send account activation email? – If you select "Yes" then the welcome email with the link to create a password will be sent to the users registered email address. If you do not want to send an activation email when creating the account select "No" and find out about Activating Users at a later date.
  • Is this user a manager? – If the user is a line manager select "Yes". This user will then appear in the above "Manager" drop down list when adding future users.
  • Role(s) – Select the user's role from the drop down list and click Add.  If the role has a scope of location/region then you will be asked for the location/region to which the role belongs. A user can have multiple roles if required. 

Once you have entered all the details, click Save.

To import a large number of new users, please contact Radar Healthcare Support who will be able to provide an import template for you to populate and return to us to import on your behalf.