To view your user list, from your Admin dashboard, select Users

You will be presented with a list of all users in your system. 


To view a user simply click on them from this list.

Filtering on Users

To filter on your user list, select the filter icon  at the top right hand side of the page.

This will reveal the filter panel, where you can filter on the following:

  • Name - start typing the name of the user you wish to find and the list will update the results as you type
  • Reference - if you have assigned user IDs to your users, you can search and filter on these here
  • Location - select the locations you wish to filter by from the drop down list
  • Roles - Filter by user role
  • Start Date  / End Date - this field also allows you to sort your users by date either ascending or descending using the two arrows to the right of the filter field.

  • Username - all users log into Radar Healthcare using their email address
  • Interactive status - here you choose to only see interactive or non-interactive users
  • Activated status - you can choose to filter out any users who have/have not been activated
  • Out of office - if users have out of office dates set, you can filter on them here
  • Last Logon - here you can see the date and time that a user last logged in to Radar Healthcare. 

The Out of Office and Last Logon dates can also be filtered by ascending or descending order using the arrows to the right of the field

Once you have applied your filters your results will automatically update accordingly. To view a user simply click on them from this list. 

Editing a User

To edit a user's details, from within the user record, select Edit

Update the details accordingly and click Save to confirm.

Please note, if your system has any integrations whereby user data is being sent across from an external system (e.g. a HR system), then you must ensure that the relevant details are updated in the system sending Radar Healthcare the data, as otherwise any changes may be overwritten each time the integration updates the data.