All users must be activated before they are able to log in to Radar Healthcare. 

Activating a user account involves sending an activation email from within Radar Healthcare to the users. This email will contain a link for the user to set their own password, after which they will be able to log into Radar Healthcare. 

The link in the activation email is only valid for 48 hours. If the link expires before the user is able to activate their account, then they would need to be sent another activation email.

To activate a user, from the Administration dashboard, under the General header, select Users

Here, you will be presented with the User List. You will be able to see if a user is activated from this table via the User activated column. 

You can also filter to only show users who have not yet been activated via the filter icon

To activate a user from this user list, select the three dot menu icon to the right hand side of the user and select Activate.

Upon confirming this action Radar Healthcare will send the user an activation email. 

Alternatively, click into a User from this list to view their details. 

From within the User details page, again, select the three dot menu icon to the right hand side of the screen  and select Activate Account

This will also send an activation email to a user.