If a user has left your organisation you will need to change their user record from "Active" to "Inactive", essentially archiving their record which ensures that they can not login to Radar Healthcare and are removed from alerts, dashboard views and reports.

This is done by entering an End Date on their user record. 

To do this, from the Administration dashboard, select Users

You will be presented with the User List. Search for the user you wish to set to inactive and click on the user to view their details.

From the top of the screen click on the Edit button to edit the user details.

In the Edit User screen, enter a date into the End date - if known field. If this is a date in the future, the user will remain active until the date is reached. If the date is today's date or a date in the past, the user will be set to inactive immediately.

Click Save to save the changes. 

The user will now be displaying an end date in the Start date / End date column in the user list and will no longer be able to log in to the system.

NOTE: If a user has an end date set and they have assigned items then you will need to ensure that their items get reassigned. This can be done via Bulk Reassignment on the Admin Dashboard. Please find the relevant guidance here.