When a document is uploaded there is the option to include an Approval and/or Ratification step, prior to the document being published. 

If a document is awaiting ratification, it will be displayed with a Publish state of either Draft or Approved (depending on whether the document had both an approval and ratification step, or the ratification step only). At this point, the document will only be visible to those with Admin User document permissions (set in Access control) and any users set as a member of the ratification group when the document was being uploaded (for more information, please click here to refer to the "Add a new document" guide)

Ratifying a Document

If you have been assigned as the Ratifier for a document, the document will appear on your dashboard once the pending period is reached. Click on the task from this list to be taken to the document details page.

Here you can see the document awaiting ratification, along with other details such as the version history and approval notes (if applicable). Click on the document link to download the current document. 

If any changes need to be made a new version uploaded, click Upload new version to replace the latest document.

If you are happy to approve the document as it stands, click Ratify.

Confirm the ratification by entering your comments and clicking Yes

The details entered will be noted in the version history below the document.

The document will now be Published and available for users to access and download.