Audits can be either automatically scheduled following completion or can be scheduled using the calendar functionality. 

To view all scheduled audits, select Audit List from the left hand menu. 

Click on the audit you wish to edit either in the Audit list view or Calendar (Detailed view) - you will only be able to edit these details if the audit is "Not Started".

Here you will be able to change the following - :

  • Audit Date - the date by which the audit needs to be completed
  • Auditor - The user that will perform the audit and set the required Actions in the Action Plan
  • Authoriser - The user that will review and authorise the audit

Edit the required details and click the respective Save button for each. The scheduled audit has now been edited.

The Location and the Template for an audit cannot be amended once an audit has been scheduled. If the Location or Template need to be changed then you would need to Delete or Abandon the Audit and Schedule a new audit.