Audits have a 3 tier format: Section > Requirement > Evidence Questions.

Section: Each Audit must have at least one Section. Once the audit is completed you can see a breakdown of the audit score by each Section. Audits may have ‘Priority Sections' that must achieve over a certain score for the whole audit to pass.

In the example below, our Audit has a single Section called "Health and Safety Checks"

Requirement: A Requirement contains a group of related questions that are completed as part of the audit. Each Requirement will appear as a separate page of questions when the audit is completed. Each Section needs at least one Requirement. 

You can view Requirements within an audit by expanding the Section using the > icon to the left hand side of the Section. In the example below, our Audit has 3 Requirements in the Health and Safety Section which will appear as 3 separate pages of questions to complete.

Evidence Questions: The Requirements contain the audit evidence questions. These questions will have Yes/No/NA response options (where Yes must be positive), a Comments box and a File Upload button. When you create your audit questions you can choose to make the Comments and File Uploads mandatory or optional by editing the Evidence Questions

As the user completes their audit, the audit will automatically score the questions:

  • Yes = 1
  • No = 0
  • N/A = negated from the results

For more information on how an audit is completed and on the scoring, please refer to our Help guidance on Performing Audits: Performing Audits Help Guides