To view the history of a compliance requirement there are two options:

  1. Viewing past submissions
  2. Viewing the changes and updates within each submission

Viewing Past Submissions

You can see a requirement has been completed previously as a date will be showing the "Last completed date" on the compliance record:

There are two different ways to view past submissions of a compliance requirement.  

You can either select the three dot menu icon to the right hand side of the requirement in this list and click View history, or alternatively, simply click into the requirement itself from this list.

If the requirement has been completed previously, you will see the past completions listed. You will see:

  • Due date - this is the date that each instance of the requirement was due
  • Completed date - some requirements have forms that require you to enter a date that you completed training. This date will pull through to the "Completed date" column.
  • Requirement completed date - this is the date that the user physically went into Radar Healthcare to complete the requirement. 

To view each of these submissions, click into them from this list. You will be taken to the completed requirement, where you can click into each of the steps to see the answer's / information submitted.

Viewing the changes and updates within each submission

In addition to being able to view past submissions, there is also a full history logged within each individual submissions itself. This can be seen from within the most current submission, as well as within historic submissions, under the History tab.

Here we can see a log of everytime the requirement has been updated, who actioned it and the date.

For example, in the below screenshot we can see that on the 11th July 2019 Ellie Jordan updated the due date for the requirement to 31st July 2020.