In Form Editor, each time you publish a form, the previous version is saved in the version history. This means you can view an old version and revert back to it, should you need to do so. 

From within a form, select the Information tab and then Version history

Here we can see that our form has originally published on the 5th March 2019, but was then updated and re-published on 11th July 2019. We can also see who made those changes and the time of day.  

Please note the versioning will only track published versions and not each Draft saved. 

To view the previous version of the form, simply click the icon to the right hand side the of the version. 

The form editor will now be displaying how the form looked on the version selected. 

If you wish to revert back to this version, simply click Save and then Publish. This version of the form will now be live and you can see the version history update accordingly.

Please note - if you click Save As at any point, this is creating a brand new Form and not a new version of the existing form. To create a new version of the existing form and roll this out, you must click Save and the Publish.