This webinar looks at some top tips for using the Radar Healthcare Form Editor. 

The key tips and approximate video times are below:

Building the Form (00:36)

  • Always build in your Staging site
  • Name of the Form is how it appears to the User
  • Labelling fields to make them identifiable in reporting
  • If you are planning to remove a field, do you still need to report on it?
  • Save regularly!

Elements, Logic and Validation (06:18)

  • Using the correct element for what you need
  • Pulling through data into Selects (07:54)
  • Using Item Collections (12:20)
  • What do I use Sections for? (15:04)
  • You can reveal questions based on the answer to previous questions (15:04 - covered alongside Sections)
  • Do fields need to be mandatory? (20:32)
  • Stop people being able to complete if they don’t answer in a certain way (22:10)

Save, Publish and Test (24:40)

  • “Save” vs “Save As” and implications
  • Publish and test – changes may affect workflows
  • Version control and version roll back (30:03)