Before adding an event please ensure you fully understand your organisation's incident and risk management policy.

To report an event click on Event Reporting, then Report New Event from the left hand menu. 

You will now be presented with an initial form to complete to capture:

  • Reported by person (this defaults to you as the individual completing the form).
  • Reported Location/ Service of the event - this is where the vent took place
  • Typeof event and if applicable Sub-Type (a sub-type will only appear if your organisation has opted to use this feature)
  • Date of event - when the event took place
  • Time of event - when the event took place

You will either be presented with the field:

  • Title of event - A brief headline of what has taken place 


  • Description of event - If you are presented with the description of event box you have slightly more room than those presented with Title of event boxes, however we still recommend keeping the text brief here and avoid using identifiable information such as full names (e.g. use initials or the term "service user")

You may also have the option to select:

  • Confidential event - some events may be classed as confidential within your organisation, for example Whistle Blowing. If an event is flagged as confidential it will bypass the normal channels of event investigation and be escalated to the relevant individuals with permission to view confidential events. If you are unsure whether the event you are raising is confidential, please speak to your System Administrator to confirm 

To submit the form select Next.

Depending on your organisation's event reporting procedures you may be presented with other additional forms to complete to capture specific information about the event. These are created specifically for each organisation and are usually tailored to the Event Type that you have selected in your initial form. This enables your organisation to effectively capture all the information they need and investigate it as appropriate. Complete these as required.

Complete the form(s) that you are presented with, entering full details and click Save and Complete once you have finished. 

If you are presented with more than one form, continue completing the details as required. Once you have submitted all information your event will be logged in Radar Healthcare and will be forwarded to the relevant individuals to investigate accordingly (if applicable). 

Important to note:

  • Those fields marked with an * are a mandatory field and must be completed.
  • If the mandatory fields are not completed then you will not be able to submit the report.
  • If you exit a form without clicking Save and complete any data you have entered will be lost and cannot be retrieved