Once an event has been reported it will trigger a set of automated steps that must be completed.

Before updating an event please ensure you fully understand your organisation's incident and risk management policy.

If you have been assigned a step to complete, it will be flagging to you on your dashboard under My Tasks.

Click into the event from this page to view the details submitted and to action your assigned steps. 

You will now be taken to the event details page. Here you can see the event information that has been entered so far, e.g. what type of event it was, where and when the event took place and other important details. 

You will also see all the different steps that now need to be completed along with who they are assigned to (you may only see things that are assigned to you, or you may be able to see steps that are assigned to other users. This will depend on your system permissions). These steps will be listed under the Workflow tab.

To view a summary of everything submitted so select the Overview tab on the event table. 

There are also a number other tabs on this screen where you might be able to see different pieces of information, e.g. if any documents have been uploaded, if different forms have been completed, if there are a number of different steps to complete (found under the Workflow tab), etc. If there is anything in any of these tabs, this is indicated by a number. 

To view the information within any of these tabs, simply click into them from this table.

To action any steps assigned to you, click to the Workflow tab on the event table, click into the step that you are required to action and complete the required information

How an event is set up is determined by your organisation, so every event will differ. Some events may reveal a number of steps that need to be completed, each of which can be actioned in any order as appropriate. For some events, the next step may not be revealed until the preceding step has been completed. 

To complete the event simply continue to complete the steps as they reveal. Ensure that you complete these within the given due date to avoid them becoming Overdue.