If you need to log additional information alongside the information requested via the workflow forms, you can do so by attaching additional forms to an event.  

To add an additional form to an event, from within the event itself, select the Forms tab from the events table. 

Here you will see any forms already associated with this event. There will often only be a single form showing here, which will be the initial form completed by the user reporting the event, however you may see other additional forms already logged. 

To add a new form to this event, select a form from the drop down list presented.  

Complete the form details as prompted. Once complete, the new form will appear alongside any pre-existing forms for this event under the Forms tab.

Please note, adding an additional form to an event will not trigger and new workflow steps to appear. 

If you do not have the option to add a new form to an event or no forms appear in the drop down list, then either you do not have permission to add an additional form to an event, or there are no forms associated with this event available for you to add.