Updating an Event Task

If you have been assigned an Event Task, you can add regular updates at any time. To do this, from within the Task, simply enter the details for the update and select Add update.

This update has now been saved and can be easily viewed from within the Task, along with who made the update and when.

If you need to upload a document to the Task as evidence or for your records, you can do this by selecting the Attachments tab from within the Task and selecting Add file. 

Please note, documents uploaded to an Event Task do not pull through to the attachments section within the event itself. If the document in question needs to be logged against the event itself rather than the task, this should be added via the event screen and not the task screen. 

Closing an Event Task

Once an event task is complete it can be closed using the Close button at the top of the screen.

If you do not see the Close button, then you have not been given permission to close tasks. If this is the case, please contact your System Administrator who will be able to grant the relevant permission if required.