Once all the required steps within an event have been completed, the event can be closed. Closing an event will remove it from the default Recorded Events list, though closed events can still be viewed by selecting the relevant filter. Some events may close automatically as part of the event set up, however others may need to be closed manually. 

To close an event, from within the event itself, select Close at the top of the screen.

If all steps within the Workflow and all Event Tasks are complete, the event will be successfully closed. 

Unable to close the event?

You are only able to close an event if all Event Tasks are completed. If there are any outstanding Event Tasks, you will receive the following message:

Event Tasks can be viewed, actioned and closed form within the Event tasks tab in the event table:

Reopening the event

An event can be reopened at any time by simply selecting Reopen.

If you do not see the option to Close the Event, then you have not been given permission to close events. If this is the case, please contact your System Administrator who will be able to grant the relevant permission if required.